Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry

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The secret to Sara Jenkins' rustic Italian cooking is
her dedication to sourcing the best ingredients. In her
New Italian Pantry app, Sara will help you stock your
pantry with her favorite Italian staples, then show you
which of the app's 75-plus recipes you can cook right now,
either straight from your pantry or with the addition of
a few fresh ingredients. The app is loaded with bells
and whistles — including gorgeous photography by
Michael Harlan Turkell, informational videos by
William Hereford, automatic timers and instant shopping
lists — that make cooking from an iPad easier than ever.

About Sara Jenkins

Sara Jenkins is based in New York, where she is known for her rustic Italian cooking. At her East Village restaurant, Porsena, she draws on memories of her Tuscan and Roman childhood to create a pasta-centric menu featuring Italy's finest ingredients. Nearby she operates Porchetta, a wildly successful storefront focusing on its namesake dish, a richly seasoned roast pork common in Italy as street or festival food. In 2012, Sara Jenkins opened Porsena Extra Bar, a wine bar serving small Mediterranean plates, a selection of raw milk cheeses, hand-crafted cured meats and seasonal vegetables. Sara is also the author of Olives & Oranges: Recipes and Flavor Secrets from Italy, Spain, Cyprus, and Beyond.

About Lazy Susan Media

Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry is the first in Lazy Susan Media's series of ingredient-driven cooking apps. Lazy Susan Media was created by Nick Fauchald, a veteran food writer and founding editor of, and Peter Cortez and Joe Sayaman, the founders of Mizaplas, an app development company.

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